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Autumn Colours

I joined a few photographer friends for an outing to the Dandenong region. This was probably the last weekend to capture the colours of autumn as trees are shedding leaves as the days go by.

The weather was not perfect - extremely cloudy. Some sunlight could have improved the photos significantly. Nevertheless it was fun. 

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Edmund & Stefenie

15 May 2010

Congratulations to Edmund and Stefenie!

Edmund and Stefenie invited Johanna and I over to Hobart to attend their engagement party which was held at Energizer Life Church. Edmund was very kind to ask me to become one of the photographers.

It was a totally new experience for me in terms of photography as the main light source was a chandelier in the middle of the whole church. Hence external flash is definitely required under such challenging condition. It took me some time to grapple with the controls on the camera to find the correct setting as it was my first attempt shooting everything in full manual mode.

I was surprised to find the photos turned out very grainy even though most shots are shot as ISO400 - ISO800. Usually my 30D do not produce photos with noticeable noise at such ISO even in low light condition. I guess on that day the venue was darker than any other places I have photographed before. Hopefully I can get some experts to provide some advice. 

Definitely a lot of room for improvement but it was definitely a great experience.

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Carlton Gardens

Autumn is usually the most colourful season. I especially love the golden and reddish foliage. Combined with the golden ray from the setting sun, this is a match made in heaven. 

The good weather today prompted me to pay a visit to Carlton Gardens during the golden hour to combine the effect of sunset with the various tints of autumn leaves. 

During the brief session, Johanna and I bumped into 3 brides with their respective photographers who were also trying to make the best use of the golden hour for pre-wedding shots. 

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Mount Wellington and Tasman Peninsular

Johanna and I attended Edmund and Stefenie's engagement party in Hobart. We took the opportunity to travel to the summit of Mount Wellington and around Tasman Peninsular. The Mount Wellington trip is to redeem our previous visit in October 2008 where it snowed suddenly while we were on the way up and it was so foggy that we missed the entire scenery. We only had a few hours to spare and the serene sceneries we enjoyed were definitely worth the drive.

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Melbourne GPO

8 May 2010

I've finally received the new EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM earlier this week, just in time for Edmund and Stefenie's engagement ceremony next week. I've always been keen to take some shots at the corridor of Melbourne GPO so I thought it would be a great opportunity to test out the new lens in the dimly lit corridor. Once again Johanna has to be my model.

The results? The lens overwhelmed me. Not only it's very sharp, it also performs very well in low light condition. f/2.8 also allows nice bokeh effect to be produced. The only caution is that sometimes the DOF will be too shallow for certain shots so I have to watch out if I want most parts of the photo to be sharp.

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