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Autumn Colours

I joined a few photographer friends for an outing to the Dandenong region. This was probably the last weekend to capture the colours of autumn as trees are shedding leaves as the days go by.

The weather was not perfect - extremely cloudy. Some sunlight could have improved the photos significantly. Nevertheless it was fun. 

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Carlton Gardens

Autumn is usually the most colourful season. I especially love the golden and reddish foliage. Combined with the golden ray from the setting sun, this is a match made in heaven. 

The good weather today prompted me to pay a visit to Carlton Gardens during the golden hour to combine the effect of sunset with the various tints of autumn leaves. 

During the brief session, Johanna and I bumped into 3 brides with their respective photographers who were also trying to make the best use of the golden hour for pre-wedding shots. 

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