Jih Ying

Welcome to JIH YING PHOTOGRAPHY. I am a photography enthusiast in Melbourne. This blog presents my journey through the lens. I took up photography due to my passion for art. Over time I have developed interest in weddings, engagements and portraits as I have learnt to appreciate the experience of capturing people's emotions within that split second. Please visit this blog from time to time and leave some comments if you like what you see.


The beautiful lake city famous for its tree – the Wanaka tree. I had one of the most memorable seafood chowder in one of the… Read More »Wanaka

Mount Aoraki

New Zealand’s highest mountain, also known as Mount Cook. We only spent a day there, hence could only partially complete one of the trails. Definitely… Read More »Mount Aoraki

Lake Tekapo

My first time to New Zealand. What a beautiful country. We went pat this beautiful glacier lake on the way to Mount Aoraki/Cook.



Trialling out my new macro lens, the EF 100mm f/2.8 USM.



I have decided to extend my stay on a working trip to Seoul and had the opportunity to visit Nami Island on one of the… Read More »Namiseom



We have decided to skip Chinese New Year in Bali. Have to say I was very disappointed with all the popular beaches. I assumed their… Read More »Bali

Hamilton Island

Our first trip to the beautiful Whitsundays. Surprised to find the food to be on par with the best in Melbourne. The highlight was snorkelling… Read More »Hamilton Island



After our holiday to China, we continued with a trip to Sabah with my parents. This is our second time to Kota Kinabalu. The first… Read More »Sabah



Stumbled upon this pond full of kois in Shanghai.



Johanna and my first time to China, starting with Beijing. We are really intrigued with all the history in Beijing and felt blessed to have… Read More »Beijing