Moses & Charis

Jack & Kaelyn

Jack & Kaeylyn

Jack & Kaelyn at Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne CBD. Taken between 4pm and 6.30pm, which was way beyond sunset. Off camera flash with Canon Speedlite

Ashwin & Radha

Ashwin and Radha at Webb Bridge, a beautiful bridge located at the South side of Docklands. On a day when the shy sun was in

Autumn colours

Autumn Colours

I joined a few photographer friends for an outing to the Dandenong region. This was probably the last weekend to capture the colours of autumn

Jih Ying & Johanna

Carlton Gardens

Autumn is usually the most colourful season. I especially love the golden and reddish foliage. Combined with the golden ray from the setting sun, this

Mount Wellington and Tasman Peninsular

Johanna and I attended Edmund and Stefenie’s engagement party in Hobart. We took the opportunity to travel to the summit of Mount Wellington and around

Edmund & Stefenie

Edmund & Stefenie

Congratulations to Edmund and Stefenie! Edmund and Stefenie invited Johanna and I over to Hobart to attend their engagement party which was held at Energizer Life

Melbourne GPO

I have finally received the new EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM earlier this week, just in time for Edmund and Stefenie’s engagement ceremony next week.

Venus Bay

8 March 2010

Around UK

Johanna and I lived in London from September 2006 to October 2007. We have travelled around quite a bit. I thought I would share some

How It All Began

I’ve always loved art – from drawing, painting, origami, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese knotting to web and graphic design. Photography somehow joins the list a lot

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