We have decided to skip Chinese New Year in Bali. Have to say I was very disappointed with all the
Hardy Reef
Unforgettable trip to Hardy Reef on the Great Barrier Reef with near perfect weather. We had the opportunity to witness
Our first trip to the beautiful Whitsundays. Surprised to find the food to be on par with the best in
After our holiday to China, we continued with a trip to Sabah with my parents. This is our second time
Stumbled upon this pond full of kois in Shanghai.
Johanna and my first time to China, starting with Beijing. We are really intrigued with all the history in Beijing
Sherbrooke Falls
My colleagues and I had a great photography session at Dandenong Ranges over the weekend. The main focus are Olinda
Hong Kong
These photos were taken during my 5-week work visit to Hong Kong. I have never expected Hong Kong to have