Stumbled upon this pond full of kois in Shanghai.



Johanna and my first time to China, starting with Beijing. We are really intrigued with all the history in Beijing and felt blessed to have… Read More »Beijing

Sherbrooke Falls

Mount Dandenong

My colleagues and I had a great photography session at Dandenong Ranges over the weekend. The main focus are Olinda Falls and Sherbrooke Falls.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

These photos were taken during my 5-week work visit to Hong Kong. I have never expected Hong Kong to have so much of nature for… Read More »Hong Kong

Autumn colours

Autumn Colours

I joined a few photographer friends for an outing to the Dandenong region. This was probably the last weekend to capture the colours of autumn… Read More »Autumn Colours

Venus Bay

8 March 2010

Around UK

Johanna and I lived in London from September 2006 to October 2007. We have travelled around quite a bit. I thought I would share some… Read More »Around UK