Edmund & Stefenie

Edmund & Stefenie

Congratulations to Edmund and Stefenie!

Edmund and Stefenie invited Johanna and I over to Hobart to attend their engagement party which was held at Energizer Life Church. Edmund was very kind to ask me to become one of the photographers.

It was a totally new experience for me in terms of photography as the main light source was a chandelier in the middle of the whole church. Hence external flash is definitely required under such challenging condition. It took me some time to grapple with the controls on the camera to find the correct setting as it was my first attempt shooting everything in full manual mode.

I was surprised to find the photos turned out very grainy even though most shots are shot as ISO400 – ISO800. Usually my 30D do not produce photos with noticeable noise at such ISO even in low light condition. I guess on that day the venue was darker than any other places I have photographed before. Hopefully I can get some experts to provide some advice. 

Definitely a lot of room for improvement but it was definitely a great experience.

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