Moke Lake

This will probably be one of the most memorable holiday experience of our lives.

We decided to drive up to the Moke Lake campsite at night without knowing that the road is up the hill, along the hill slope, not tarred, without any lights other than our motor home’s headlights.

The whole journey uphill was quite nervy. The only thing stopping us from turning back is that it is too dark to turnaround, hence we just had to continue up the hill. There were even sign to recommend 4 wheel drives to be used during winter.

Oh well, we survived all the way to the top. There were 2 other camper vans at the campsite. It was very cold and dark outside hence we have no idea what is around us.

We woke up to the most amazing wintry view. It was foggy but we could make out that we were surrounded by mountains with a mirror lake next to us. The spectacular view made last night’s thrilling experience all worth it!

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